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13th February 2002, 14:10
Hi all,

I am having a problem with subtitles rendering in MaestroSBT. Here is what I do :
I write my own subtitles in Arabic ,right to left, using substation alpha.
But when I render the subtitle file in MaestroSBT it produce a reversed subtitle words in the bitmap files! Though I force it to use Arabic script code page.
However, this is the same problem with the rendering mechanism that SSA uses ,the words are displayed in reverse. But when I use sub viewer or virtual dub subtitle plug in the words are displayed well.

To give you a clear understanding of the problem. Here is an example.

The original sub should be like this
word3 – word2 – word1- word0
And virtual dub subtitle plug in or sub viewer render them as well also.
word3 – word2 – word1 –word0 ( no problem here ,right to left, )

but MaestroSBT renders the bitmap files like this

word0-word1-word2-word3 (it renders them from left to right )

can anyone help me on this problem

thanks in advance.[COLOR=darkred]

18th February 2002, 15:12
I added **modest** right-to-left support to MSBT. I know it's far from perfect, but it should be a start. Try the lastest version ( and select "right-to-left language" in the rendering dialog. Anyway, I would like to follow your progress, because I have no one that could do beta testing with arabic... E-mail me to the address in the readme, if you are interested.


1st December 2005, 23:32
when I choose option RTL...and try to make generate !! :helpful:
program crash !!!!

I use lastest version

tested with 2 computers ...
always crash at offset:00036f0c

here is dump crash