View Full Version : Can not encode audio after XP install

13th February 2002, 03:55
Ok,i'll try here since i did't get any response in the audio forum.I have done many encodes with xmpeg 4.0b(least buggy imho)in 98se.But after installing XP(clean install,ntfs),i can't encode audio anymore-well only pcm.The radium codec does show up in xmpeg & shows the sampling rates,but i get an error when trying to encode.No other audio codecs shows up in xmpeg,but i see them in devicemanager & virtualdub.Any suggestions?

13th February 2002, 15:15
That issue has been pointed out several times on the forums, no straight solution. The same happens to me in Windows 2000, no MP3 encoding.

I'm thinking about doing only the video with Xmpeg and extract the audio separately and then mix them with Virtualdub. This also seems to be a solution for some loses os synchronism.

16th February 2002, 11:41
So this means there are no current methods to encode divx & mp3 audio simultaneausly in one pass if you have XP?I did not see any mention of this in doom9's guides-in fact,he highly recommends 2000/XP for what we are doing.