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13th February 2002, 01:40
Hi all

I have a flyview 3000 TV card and when i try to capture video in a program other than the one that came with the card it gives me this error:


It works the first time after a reformat (it dosnt throw that error) but every time after that it does, no matter what program i use
it will only work once

i'm running windows 2000

any help would be greatly appreciated

13th February 2002, 15:14
I think you should go to
http://www.lifeview.com.tw stop by the download section and
get the latest drivers for your TV card. Uninstall the old ones
and proceed to install the one you download.

Once you have done this, don't use the application that is
installed with the drivers right away, but use VirtualDub.

Hope this helps.

14th February 2002, 03:19
Yeah ive messed about with drivers and such, but unless i ghost my computer again i cant get it to work, which isnt a really good soluion.

removing them and putting different ones on dosnt help

It works in win 98 (dual boot) for the most part, virtualdub can get the video but not the audio

I'd prefer to get it going in 2000 cos i hate 98

however the crappy program that it comes with can capture fine, but it sucks, only does a really bad mpeg 1 and 320x240 uncompressed

Does anyone else have one of these cards and run windows 2000?

18th February 2002, 09:58
You may have a video card major hindrance.
I would try FLYCAP before any other move.
Report back results if you will.


18th February 2002, 11:12
No luck
It gives the same error that all the other programs do
so it must be some problem with the windows drivers
dunno what tho, im using the lastest ones

19th February 2002, 08:18
what chipset does flyview use?i would uninstall your tv app and just keep the drivers and use avi_io as your capture app.also are the drivers u are using in w2k compatible?.if your card uses the coexant bt chipset i would gives these drivers a go.


22nd February 2002, 04:58
It uses a phillips 7134 chipset
so that didnt work :(

i cant seem to find any refrence drivers for it either

26th February 2002, 04:33
Ii think you will find that your card does use the conexant bt chip to capture.the phillips chip is for the reciever.

i would suggest using the drivers from iulab.com

27th February 2002, 10:02
Those drivers don't work, so i doubt the card is actually a BT whatever chipset. older flyview cards use that chipset though

13th April 2002, 12:38
Got the same card and a similar problem under xp.
You are right, it does have a philips and not a BT chipset.

The original drivers are the only ones there are, but it is possible to use VirtualVCR or ATV2000 instead of the original software.
Works perfectly and the quality is great.

The only problem I still have is that I cannot use VfW Codecs, only DS codecs are possible. That leaves me with uncompressed,MJPEG or Indeo.
Divx or huffyuv are out, because they are VfW. If anyone can come up with a way of using these codecs I'd be really grateful.

14th April 2002, 02:23
that virtual VCR program works wonders, thanks for that

It captures in Divx (3.11) for me, dunno why you would want to cap in
divx tho, cos if it looks shitty there is nothing you can do about it.
i just use uncompressed, its smaller than lossless jpeg for some reason

tho you are right about huffyuv not working