View Full Version : matrox etv450 how to

11th February 2002, 17:27
when capturing with pc-vcr (software that cames with the card) video is captured into some sort of mpeg2, its deinterlaced and its nice to view on pc screen..., but:

-since my procesor is 'only' p3 800, full screen capture at 704x576 pal is disabled
-i cant use the captured mpeg2 thingy in any application, and i cant even convert that to say mjpeg for editing (have no idea how the matrox-ligos lsx things works)

alternatively i captured the video with avi-io utility and software mjpeg codec, it captures in full (matrox version of full tho) pal video resolution but there is the interlacing isue, video looks really bad on comp screen...

anyway, i wanna capture the video in deinterlaced mode allready, so there is no need for 'smart deinterlace' filters and stuff like that. since matrox card allready do such thingy (obviously its working with lsx), any ideas how?, and any ideas on how to convert that matrox-ligos mpeg2 thingy into some 'normal' avi file for editing?

uhmm, tnx in advance,