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11th February 2002, 03:45
What type of hardware do you need for a descent video editing system, especially if you want to work with VOBs ect in the 4-8GB range. My current box chokes when working on any video projects and it is a 500mhz with 256MB.

I will be building a new system soon and am just wondering what I need to be shooting for.

da franksta
11th February 2002, 12:42
just get what ever is fast right now:

via266a chipset mobo
athlon xp ... (whatever suits your budget)
512+ DDR RAM CL2
SCSI HD, or (if you're on a budget) 2+ 7200rpm IDE HD's in software or hardware RAID 0
good cooling fans (Papst or what have you)
350+W power supply

Lately there have been reports that hardware RAID isn't all it's cracked up to be. Software RAID performs just as well. SCSI is best, but can be very expensive.

About IDE RAID: http://www.anandtech.com/storage/showdoc.html?i=1491

Happy hunting!

13th February 2002, 13:10
My system is a 1Ghz Athlon W/512 PC100 Ram
I have a 60G SCSI Raid made form all the old 8G drives I was able to source out. It's very fast and was not expencive.
and I have a DC2000 faster the real time Mpg2 hardware encoder/capturing/editing card.

13th February 2002, 17:26
DC2000? That thing is like $2000. Bit beyond my price point.

14th February 2002, 13:04
So look for other cards,
DV500+ RT2500, DV Storm, Pro-One
All this cards can run very nice on fearly modest hardware as most of the editing work is doen in hardware by the editin card.
We have a Professional grade editing system here that was running very good on P-III 450Mhz with 384MB PC100 ram.

6th March 2002, 08:30
say also the os you are on.......

6th March 2002, 11:11
New systems running all W2K

The old system still run on NT4 as the drivers don't perform well on W2K for some addon card we have.