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10th February 2002, 23:18
Have installed vobsub 2.08, and when I rip a subtitle from my movie, I get only two files. A .idx and a .sub.
I should have 3 files occuring the vobsub guide. So the .ifo file misses.
How is this possible, and does it matter at all?

11th February 2002, 10:17

11th February 2002, 11:39
OK, one question is answered. But maybe it is useful to correct the existing (old) guides sometime...

My other question is:
Having still a problem with subtitles and directvobsub. I have done following occording to vobsub guide:
1. Rip subtitles.
2. Save the .sub and the .idx-file with the same name and in the same dir as the movie.
When I double click on the avi, I get four times a "wrong file version" error. Movie plays, but without subtitles.
What seems to be the problem here?