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23rd February 2012, 22:29
Hi all!
I've been trying to export subtitles in 23.976fps, and I have been doing this by editing export settings, going to options, going to time and selecting custom frame rate. Yet for some reason when I import into Scenarist it comes up as 24fps, and is thus creating a play items don't match issue in the appropriate playlist. I'm pretty sure that Lemony Pro is the issue and maybe I'm not exporting subtitles correctly.
Please can someone advise how to correctly change fps in Lemony Pro.

24th February 2012, 04:49
have you try the official support?

24th February 2012, 09:12
In File->Project Settings you can set the framerate. That framerate is written in the exported XML file. If you need to change the framerate (meaning a conversion from 24 to 23.98 altering timecodes) you need to use the timestretch function.

24th February 2012, 12:49
Thanks mp3dom. Project settings didn't resolve it. I did resolve it however by directly editing the frame rate in notepad. Thanks.

27th February 2012, 22:13
That will allow you to import it into Scenarist, but that's not solving your frame rate issue... It's probably not enough to be noticed, but your subtitles will be slowly sliding out of sync now... You need to fix the problem in Lemony, something isn't set right there.

28th February 2012, 17:37
Why I have the feeling that even if you import the subtitles in 23.976 Scenarist will recognize and use it as if it was 24?
In that case there will be no difference if you import it in 23.976 or 24. Just follow the fps of your video by editing the xml.

Am I right?

28th February 2012, 22:19
Scenarist treats 23.976 and 24 as two completely different frame rates (which they are), and you can't combine assets of one frame rate with the other.

Speaking realistically rather than technically, 23.976 is close enough to 24 that editing the XML will probably be acceptable for the end product. But, speaking technically, it's a hack to get around a problem you haven't solved which may introduce sync issues... If Lemony was outputting 29.97 subtitles, you wouldn't be able to just edit the XML, unless you searched for every frame over 23 and replaced it...

Lemony will output proper 23.976 generated subtitles if you have the project set up correctly. Not having his project in front of me, I have no idea what is set wrong (and I'm hardly a Lemony expert anyway), but I have used it to output 23.976 subtitles with no issues...

28th February 2012, 22:26
Got it! 