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8th February 2002, 22:34
Hi folks,

I tried to DVD->DivX "Traffic" (german)...I ripped the main movie part from the DVD and fired up flaskmpeg...there are 5 subtitles:
German (normal caption)
English (normal caption)
First, I tried without selecting subtitles...result: none at all
Well, in fact, I tried all the subtitles...some did not show any subtitles, some showed subtitles, all the way, even if the audio was correct (in this case, audio was german, subtitle as well, sort of stupid :)
And: flaskmpeg (as well as other programs) mixed up the descriptions for the subtitles...German (3) was English, English (Normal Caption) was German...

Now I'm stuck, I hope, someone can tell me what to do because I really like that movie and I really want a DivX.

Thanks in advance,
please answer quick :)

Red Baron

9th February 2002, 15:30
By some DVD's subtitles are recorded double. So you have first twice, second twice etc.
For get third you need to choose fifth or sixth, etc. You may choose even number in list where stays nothing (subrip).