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6th December 2011, 17:27
Hello all,

This is my first thread. I have a problem with chroma that stand out evenly to the edges of anime figures, and the traditional method of move chroma not work, because if you move to one side, the problem intensifies the opposite side.

Here is a image:

http://i999.photobucket.com/albums/af120/zinescopia/Doom9/th_ChromaEdgeProblem1.jpg (http://s999.photobucket.com/albums/af120/zinescopia/Doom9/?action=view&current=ChromaEdgeProblem1.jpg)

Look at the head of both characters and color as mustard excels.

I hope everyone's help. Thank you.

Vitaliy Gorbatenko
7th December 2011, 05:36
Look at DeHalo_alpha script and LGhost plugin

8th December 2011, 05:52
Thanks for responding Vitaliy Gorbatenko.

The problem is not ghosting or haloing, but chroma :(. Thanks anyway.

8th December 2011, 06:58
greyscale() :devil:

It looks like it's been overdenoised , and chroma over smoothed

mergechroma(awarpsharp2(depth=40)) #or some other settings

Vitaliy Gorbatenko
8th December 2011, 07:15

chroma: 0..4
Processing mode for chroma planes (U and V):
0 - fill with zeroes
1 - don't care, default for aSobel and aBlur
2 - copy
3 - process
4 - guide by luma - aWarpSharp and aWarp only, default for them

10th December 2011, 07:42
With MergeChroma (Awarpsharp (Chroma = 4)) using it 2 times at the beginning of the script improves the image. Here the comparison:


http://i999.photobucket.com/albums/af120/zinescopia/Doom9/th_ChromaEdgeProblem1.jpg (http://s999.photobucket.com/albums/af120/zinescopia/Doom9/?action=view&current=ChromaEdgeProblem1.jpg)


http://i999.photobucket.com/albums/af120/zinescopia/Doom9/th_Framecorrected.jpg (http://s999.photobucket.com/albums/af120/zinescopia/Doom9/?action=view&current=Framecorrected.jpg)

I do not know if I can be another way to further improve the image.

2nd April 2018, 20:19
I did try:

Ghostbuster(offset=3, strength=20)
ConvertToYV16(matrix="Rec601", interlaced=false)
aWarpSharp(depth=16.0, blurlevel=2, thresh=0.5, cm=2)

I don't know if thats a little bit more what you are looking for? Might need some correction.


I did also open in Virtualdub and using:

De-Sharpen Amount: 128 Radius:3
Spotremoval (deactivate all and choose VHS, it makes it a bit smoother)
GhostRemoval O:5 I:14%


2nd April 2018, 20:57
Sadly GMJCZP died way back on Dec 11 2011, he was a much loved contributer to this forum and we all miss him,
the world missed him so much that they erected a statue of him back in his home country of Japan.
This world will never again be the same and I know that if he were still alive, that he would not want us to grieve for him,
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GMJCZP, RIP. We Miss you. :(

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3rd April 2018, 09:08

He answered me yesterday so he might be brought back to life. :P

3rd April 2018, 13:50
Btw I missed the thread is from 2011. Lol