View Full Version : Help - Subtitles with XMPEG 4.2a

8th February 2002, 02:33
well i posted this under the flaskmpeg section but no one seems to be able to help me.. so i hope some mite be able to help me here..

i am trying to covert an hk dvd movie with english sub titles..

i selected the appropriate english subtitles wen asked and continue on with setting up the program..

i notice an extra subtitle tab in the options.. it says wen the subtitles should start and wen it should stop..

not knowing what to do i tried searching the boards and around the net for some guides to help me.. however i only came upon guides that had nothing to do with it or something different.. and if there were guides or topics around.. i guess i didnt do a good job searching

anyhow.. i thought that by selecting the english subtitles wen opening up the ifo.. that it would have the english subtitles permanently on the finished divx conversion.. which what i intended to do from the start..

i was dumbfounded by the subtitle settings that i didnt know if i should check it or not.. so i left it alone.. well i just finished the encoding and no subtitles appear

so im guessing i had to check the start and stop subtitles..

this is where i require some help.. do i input the time of wen the first sub title appears? or should i just check it and enter 0.00.00.. and wat value do i use for wen to stop it.. or should i just leave that alone..

much help would be appreciated.. i have gotten the hang of the program by reading guides and post by others.. so this will help me in my learning process of the divx conversion..

the programs im using

xmpeg 4.2a
divx 4.12
radium mp3 codec

on athlon 800 | 320mb ram | ms windows xp pro

UPDATE: i just used flaskmpeg 0.594 and still no subtitles.. i hear there was a 900kb version of that version which did it..
will upgrading to the new version of flask fix the subtitle problems?