View Full Version : wonderVE Capture card-few questions

7th February 2002, 22:59
I purchased low end TV Wonder VE and I'm finding ValueEd. is absolutly correct. Any help welcome.

I seem to be getting a fuzzy signal from the coax in using its tuner. Now I know my cable conx might be questionable, but with Coax to my Television its clear.

so... I hooked up my vcr to its composite (rca) jack using all shielded high quality cables. I wanted to see if the VCR's tuner would fix this. I also tried a retail VCR tape, and its still abit better but still very fuzzy.

30% of the fuzz is gone now, but now I get light color (red) shadows and lines are not straight for instance, the vcr's on screen display text is distorted.

I had the old STB tv tuner hooked to my pentium like 3 years ago and the picture was fantastic, looked like a toshiba high end display for the time.

If the answer is the card is junk, please suggest a better choice in that same low cost catagory if u know of one.