View Full Version : Pinnacle Playback Problem - Please Help

7th February 2002, 21:02
Hi all,

I am a total newbie at capturing DV from my camcorder and purchased Pinnacle Studio card and software to do the job. I can download video onto my hard drive as an avi and can playback trough Pinnacle preview window with no problem. However if I try to play the avi through Windows Media Player 7.1, BS Player or any other media player for that matter, both video stop and start intermittently and then freeze up - they just will not play. I want to put the avis on CD at avi or comparable quality and give to friends etc so they can watch on their computers. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me what I might be missing or doing wrong. For example is there a program I could use to convert these avis into DivX?

Many thanks,

13th February 2002, 12:44
It's may depends by the AVI compressor that you use when you made the movie. Not all ones are 100% compatible with the windows player. I don'y know if you did already but the indeo one.
I hope this will help you