View Full Version : How to improve the quality of uncompressed soundtrack?

15th October 2011, 19:04

In order to synchronize the audio and video I'm using reclock.
My receiver doesn't have hdmi connection so I need to send the decoded uncompressed track through the analog connection.

The receiver doesn't process the soundtrack (via analog connection) and the audio quality is not as good as bit-streaming the original DTS/DD (loudness...)

How can I improve the quality of the soundtrack before sending it to the receiver? (filters, plugins...)

My HTPC - Win7, MPC-HC, LAV filtters, ffdshow.

I'll appreciate your help

15th October 2011, 22:31
With the right decoders, the decoded part should be the same as what you bitstream.
If the sound is different, it means your receiver does some processing...

15th October 2011, 23:16
I know, and that what I'm looking for. "Something" that will do the processing on the fly before the receiver.

16th October 2011, 11:54
Coverting digital into analog is always linked to "changes" in the signal, not necessarily due to the D/A process as such (which is an issue for lower-range "el cheapo" series), but mostly due to "improvements" a receiver does for its analog inputs (sometimes technologically needed, like some low/high-pass filters, sometimes to mask some deficiencies/shortcuts of the amplifier/preamplifier sections).

29th October 2011, 09:25
You can use ffdshows ability to use Winamp DSP plugins.

I use the winamp plugin called enhancer 0.17. It only works with mono and stereo though.

You can also use Winamp + FFSoxPlayer. This also allows you to use Winamp output plugins and not just DSP plugins - I use Studio Sound Fx in combination with Enhancer 0.17

For surround audio I use ac3filter