View Full Version : ati aiw radeon 8500 dv. how good?

7th February 2002, 18:24
how good is the capture quality of this card? right now i have a matrox g400-tv and desperately need to upgrade, but am hesitant because i capture a lot and it gives great quality. does anyone here have one of these cards? how good is the quality at full res capping at the highest data rate? compared to the source as well as other cards capture results?

8th February 2002, 06:48
I am VERY satisified with my 8500DV, I havent run into any problems
since I got it around Xmas time. I would say as long as you have the hardware to accompany your hobby you should be fine. Im running a Athlon 1.33 with 512 Megs of DDR and I havent had any problems and I dont forsee any in the future.

BTW: How will your source video be feed into the card? Standard RCA Composite, S-vid, or directly from your cable? The reason why im asking it did take me a few days to get the TV capture to work in Virtual Dub but I blame that on my own ignorance.

Also, from a gameing aspect this card is insane.

8th February 2002, 10:44
i use phono/video right now with my matrox BOB, and i cap with avi io. can you capture mpeg-2 with vdub or are you capping to avi? if so how do the 2 compare quality wise? i had an aiw 128 16mb and capped to huffyuv through avi io. basically i want best quality to recompress to divx afterwards.

my hardware is fine i think. i have a 1900+ athlon with a soyo dragon+ mobo and 512mb crucial ddr ram.

also, what about the mpeg decoding of the card? does it aid in speeding up recompressing mpeg2 to avi or not?

9th February 2002, 09:12
The quality of the captures are quite high (720x480), I believe the
8500DV can capture at a higher resolution than that of the
AIW 128. But I havent used that card in quite some time.

I havent captured to MPG yet, Ive been muddling with AVI's only.
As far as the hardware recompression the only difference I can notice is that when I play using ATI's player the CPU usage is about
10% less. But then again -- Im not sure I fully understand the question. Sorry just a bit tired, hope it helps in your decision.