View Full Version : What can I do with .rawsub files?

7th February 2002, 18:31
When I ripped the vob with Smartripper I had it demux the subs out. In addition to the video I have:

Does anyone know how I can use this, since I don't have access to the DVDs now, or is it a lost cause?

Any help is appreciated.

18th February 2002, 19:50
I too need an answer to this.

I did "Malena" and thought I'd take a short cut and have Smart Ripper create a new file for the sub's. It created the .rawsub file that's about 2.5mb When I try and extract the subs manually from the .vob's they're empty accoding to Vobsub. That's AFTER the indexing!

Any thoughts guys?

I'd hate to rent it again just to get the subs, but I may have to. The original sound track is Italian.

18th February 2002, 20:12
I don't believe you can do anything with the .rawsub file. At least I've never heard of anyone or anything able to handle it.