View Full Version : Problem controlling MPC-HC with Hauppage remote

30th September 2011, 11:17
Hello, I imagine not the only person who does this so I thought someone might be able to help...

I have a Hauppage TV tuner card in my PC and use the included software to interface the remote control with various software audio/video players on my computer (all it really does is map defined keyboard shortcuts to remote control buttons on an app by app basis).

For a long time I've been able to control Media Player Classic - Home Cinema fine with this software. But sometimes within the last six months or so it feels like, the remote has not been able to control MPC-HC. In my Irremote.ini file I had the button mapping for it listed under the name "Media Player Classic" which is the application name the software looks for when sending commands. Anyway, I think a change in how the program is identified after installing an update has caused this. I've tried "Media Player Classic - Home Cinema" and also "Media Player Classic - Home Cinema x64" and neither works.

Is there any other name MPC-HC uses to identify itself on the system I might try? Listing the name in the Windows process list does not seem to be what I want, either.

1st October 2011, 15:42
I've worked with some programs that hook up to other programs (please, don't call those programs hookers). Normally other programs are identified by their full executable name "example.exe", and some also identify by the complete path name. Identification by description is new to me. The description for an executable or DLL can be found on the details property page from the Windows Explorer. For MPC-HC it's "Media Player Classic - Home Cinema", both for x64 and x86. I hope you can find out what's causing this. I myself don't have a problem with my pretty generic Windows remote, but I'm only using one custom profile for the key layout.

2nd October 2011, 07:48
Okay, I've figured it out after some research on the SageTV forums.

The remote software specifically looks for the window name of all things. :rolleyes: I had turned on the setting in Media Player Classic where the window title is the name of the file playing, so it became a moving target pretty much.

Also, the correct name now is "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" (no hyphen).