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12th August 2011, 19:14
Three questions...

I converted an AVI to VOB then managed to create working IFO and BUP files with IFOEdit, noticing that the file needed to be renamed in order for IFO-Edit to recognize the converted file. I renamed it as VTS_01_1.VOB. Clicking on the first IFO file, the video plays OK; but the playback progress button appears stuck at the end, even when the video is playing at the beginning. I'm hoping someone can answer three questions I have:

1) How can I use IFOEdit to edit the IFO file and make the playback button work, so that I can drag it for fast forward, etc?

2) What name should I have given the converted file?

3). How can I use IFOEdit to create IFOs for, say, three VOB files that comprise a movie? That is, what steps do I follow to create an IFO file set to play back three VOBs, like they are merged?

12th August 2011, 19:57
Where did you get the AVI movie?

You are not allowed to ask for IFOs or how to make them because they are readily available on your original DVD.


No help pending clarification of rule 6 concerns.

13th August 2011, 08:03
I appreciate your respect for the law. The movie I have is home made. If you are unable to discuss IFOs at this site, I'll try another forum. Thanks anyway.

13th August 2011, 17:55
If the content is self made, then you can discuss it here and others can assist you. By stating the nature of your source up front you can avoid challenges.

16th August 2011, 20:20
Ordinarily one doesn't create standalone VOBs. One authors a proper DVD when creating VOBs, thus getting the IFO and BUP files at the same time. If what you said is true (you converted an AVI to VOB), I'd say your workflow is all screwy. Go back and do it right.