View Full Version : Sixth Sense screwing up at beginning and end (interlaced frames?)

7th February 2002, 05:29
I was doing a rip/strip tonight on the sixth sense using smartripper then IfoEdit to strip all but movie and AC3. The process went well and the final result was under 4.33 so it would fit on a single DVD-R. What I noticed is the opening credits (after a production company opening), were jumping and pixelating. One the film started everything seemed normal. I went to the end credits and again it was skipping and blocking all over the place. The original VOBS look just fine.

Is this the interlaced frames thing? If so, is there anything I can do to correct?


8th February 2002, 04:56
there are different VOB IDs for different languages in the credits, and you stripped the incorrect languages, or maybee you didnt, in either case if you don't use correct angle pointers in IFOedit it will do exactley what your saying. I do not know if this is your case, but i had the exact thing happen in The Matrix R1 original release, the movie skipped over some VOB-IDs in each movie sequence so i stripped them with IFO, but the adjust angle pointer was not implemented yet and i had the same pixalation problem during the scenes that were in the area of the skipped VOB-IDs. but once i used adjust angle pointers the dvd played streight through with no pixalization, you dont have to burn the dvd to test it, powerdvd will show it as well.

8th February 2002, 08:49
Worked!!! Now, should we use this option for all movies or can it have an undesired result?

9th February 2002, 00:10
good question, Roveer.

i'd like to check them both for EVERY rip.