View Full Version : Mono to Stereo?

7th June 2011, 12:39
I have a .wav/lpcm mono audiotrack that I want to convert to stereo... some guides I've seen use a quick and simple copy/duplicate method to create a dual-mono "stereo" track. Is there any other way that creates a more genuine stereo audiotrack?

7th June 2011, 13:03
With a audio software supports vst plug-ins. Is the best way....
Example: http://www.steinberg.net/en/home.html, http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
Free plug-ins, there are enough.
In Cubase is this include.

7th June 2011, 13:44
Ahh cheers :D
Just found another thread mentioning mda_stereo and wide boy plug ins...
Any other reccomendations? Which is the "best"?

7th June 2011, 16:34
It's pointless and a waste of space. Any processing you are going to be doing to it to somehow make it sound stereo will just reduce quality. So you would just be using 2x the space for less quality.