View Full Version : Problems with AVI->MPEG2 (for dvd)

6th February 2002, 08:35

I just started to look into DV edit and am trying to transform my tapes into DVD disks for further storage/viewing. But alas, I ran into weird problem.

Capture from DV camera goes fine, the avi that comes out is good, no flaws in it. When I try to convert it to MPEG2 (and then author it to DVD), there are weird "saw forms" in it. Well, I can't explain it so here is a still picture from the video, download it at http://www.pehu.net/download/videotesti.jpg

This phenomena is visible clearly when the camera is moving/panning. The movement is not quick, in the example picture it is actually quite slow.

I have tried using Pinnacle Studio 7 avi->mpeg encoder and also with tmpgenc latest version with many (MANY!) different setup options. But nothing seems to help.

If someone knows where the problem lies, I'd be very happy!



6th February 2002, 09:56
The problem has been solved. Applying delacing filters did the trick.