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Taranli Maren
6th February 2002, 00:57
I'm trying to mux a vobsub 2.09 created srt into a 2 audio track avi. I muxed both the audio tracks with avimux (not nandub!) but submux still seems unable to mux it. It grays out the button, says Please wait, and then changes to a timestamp with an undisplayable character after it, and stops. Sometimes it gets a ways into the video before choking, sometimes just a little, depending on the episode. it does seem to mux the subs properly when it makes it far enough to check (the avi was playable). Also, when it stops, the break button does not do anything.

I have dx 8.0, windows 2000, vobsub 2.09. Is there anything I can do? Or any other tool out there to mux text streams?

btw, Gabest, I am supremely impressed by your responsiveness to issues brought up here. So many developers release it and ignore the majority of people who use their software.

7th February 2002, 10:59
Were those audio tracks normal cbr mp3? Have you tried multiplexing them with the video in submux instead of avimux?

Taranli Maren
8th February 2002, 04:46
heh, that worked. I didn't notice that it would take wavs. thanks :)

Taran'li Maren