View Full Version : MPC-HC - Filters menu greyed-out

22nd April 2011, 17:04
Usually when you play a media file in MPC-HC, you can examine what filters it used from the Play>Filters menu.

But when I play a MOV file containing H.264 video, I can't examine what filters MPC has used because the Play>Filters menu entry is greyed out. If I just change the filename suffix to MP4 then the Play>Filters menu is not greyed out.

Is there a reason why files with a MOV suffix are treated differently?

22nd April 2011, 17:18
Probably the QuickTime framework is used.

Go to View->Options->Formats
Scroll down to "QuickTime file" and click QuickTime in the right column and change to DirectShow.

DirectShow will probably be the new default for QuickTime files soon anyway. I think v0lt is working on it along with some other changes to the formats/framework options.