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5th February 2002, 23:52
I'm having a few issues with VobSub. There are several movies that I've ripped lately with Gordian Knot of which I'm having sub troubles. Even though many people prefer to keep the subs separate from the movie, I would like to burn the subs in this case. The lack of a sub file standard keeps me burning into movie.

For two movies I've ripped recently, VobSub comes back with the
error "Cannot read, either locked dvd or truncated/missing files!" after indexing. The vobs appear to be intact. I've tried ripping the DVD several times. The vobs should be unlocked, so that suggests to me that VobSub is having troubles. Can anyone share similar stories with VobSub? Must I use SubRip in this case? Can I then use VobSub's Joiner utility to merge the movie & subs together? I haven't had much luck with that in the past.


8th February 2002, 21:34
Thanks to gabest for helping me with this problem via email. I should have tried pressing the large "last stand ... cross your fingers" button. It worked quite well.

I'm impressed with VobSub, in general. My only suggestion would be to add a help mechanism to the util. Also, you might consider taking a single frame in the middle of the movie and popping some subtitles on it to show how it'll look (as a preview). Just a thought. Thanks for taking the time and effort to build such a nice tool.

10th February 2002, 08:45

I am haing the same problem with Vobsub... it just says that the DVD is lock :(

I tried using vStrip but when I chose on subs they dont appear on the video when its ripped....

Anyone have some ideas what can I do ?

10th February 2002, 09:13
Did you try selecting the large button below the language selection list instead of the OK button? It will starting the indexing just like the OK button. That worked for me.

10th February 2002, 17:38
I dont see any large button.....

can you tell me what program are you talking about.

10th February 2002, 17:45
oh wait !!!!

do you mean the long one ?

hehehehe.... I am trying it now and it seems to work.....

LOL its kind of funny though...

thanks Styxx :)

10th February 2002, 18:44
nothing here....

Pater Noster
12th February 2002, 03:02
I had the same problem.

I stopped using the VobSub filter, in favour of SubRip and I must say, the results are stunning.

What you have to do:

1) Rip the Vob's and the IFO
Shouldn't be too hard, eh?

2) Open SubRip and select the IFO. You should be able to select different streams, which you should do. You can now select the Vobs which you like to use on your right.
When you do that, you can press on start, the other settings are good as they are.
You should appoint the letter confirming to the one of the picture before you. This make take some time (about a minute or 2), but it only needs to recognize the characters. When it has, than it will work through the whole movie.

Now save the text as a .sub (you can choose any name you want).

3) Open SubAdjust and open the sub. Specify the Source Frame Rate and Select "Conversion to - (and pick) SSA Substation Alpha".
Now save it as a .ssa file. Press "Go" and you have done this step.

4) Here comes the fun part and this is what this method is so good. Open the .ssa in Notepad or any other texteditor (I like Editplus).

The only thing you need to play with are these settings:

[V4 Styles]
Format: Name, Fontname, Fontsize, PrimaryColour, SecondaryColour, TertiaryColour, BackColour, Bold, Italic, BorderStyle, Outline, Shadow, Alignment, MarginL, MarginR, MarginV, AlphaLevel, Encoding


As you can see, the first line is to explain what the settings mean and the second line is what they mean. You can set the Font, the size, the color, the backgroundcolor, the shadow and much, much more.

This is way more flexibel than Vobsub and to my opinion even faster.

After you have set the right settings, just press "save" and go to Nandub. You should have added the "Subtitler" filter to your Nandub (or Virtual Dub) Plugin directory.
If done correctly, go to Video ---> Filters and select the Subtitler filter. Open the .ssa file in it and tadaa, you can preview the results.

It works perfectly here and it can do things that VobSub couldn't do.

This is a screenshot with ripping the subs the old way with Vobsub:


And this is done with Subrip:


As you can see, the second kind of subs are way better IMHO. So why are you still using VobSub? Get SubRip ASAP! :sly:

12th February 2002, 05:41
Well, you forgot to mention a few things which make ripping the subs to text a bit longer in time:
- correcting spelling errors (spaces, I<->l?, italics)
- non-latin characters
- multiple and overlapping subtitles
- forced subtitles

But you're certanly right in one point, ssa will look much nicer since the subs from the dvd are limited in colors and resolution.

(Btw, subresync can also OCR vobsub subtitles and output ssa directly)

12th February 2002, 10:56
I don't know what I can contribute. but I'll just share out my

I had a DVD with 4 languages on them.
I'd get the same error as title whenever I tried to press OK.
By pressing the big button tho, I do get the file..although it wasn't
complete. therefore not usable.

I tried to rip it from the DVD straight, however it become heavily
out of sync.

I just used the vobsub-auto. and ripped ALL ALL CLOSE from the ifo on
my hdd by the way. (read that file then u'll know what i mean)
and I end up with everything. 45mb file with all languages.

So..try that way :)
good luck

thx gabest :) (from a person who doesn't wanna type every single
word in the movie in chinese and in korean and in thai haha)