View Full Version : No audio in vdub??

5th February 2002, 22:44
im using a ati vivo..i have to capture with the composite in...and i have to capture the audio with line-in. I have to use the wdm->vfw wrapper for this card (atleast that's the only way i know)but when i capture in vdub it doesnt capture the audio..just the video...i have not seen a place in vdub that lets me select the audio souruce???how do i configure this?

7th February 2002, 07:58
im still audio less..i have the option checked to capture audio...but no go.

It doesnt capture audio in AVI_IO either..only my ati capture device works...could my ati video in MMC be the problem???

7th February 2002, 16:08
When you bring up the window which allows you to select the video source, TOGGLE the source from whatever it is you want to something else and then toggle it back. (e.g. FROM Video In TO Tuner, then FROM Tuner back to Video In)

I think this is just another ATI Driver issue.

7th February 2002, 22:59
well...there is no place to toggle the source in avi_io orvdub is there? ive toggled it in the ati software already and it didnt work.

is there a place to toggle the video source in vdub or avi_io?`

8th February 2002, 15:11
You can select your video source in VirtualDub Video->Source.There is a similar feature in AVI_IO also. Both however bring up the Capture card's source window.
As regards, the capturing sound problem, I guess you must have selected in your Volume Control - Recording settings - Line In.

Does this audio problem occur in AVI_IO? Which version of Virtualdub are you using?
I recently downloaded VDub 1.4.8, and it started giving me errors regarding capturing Audio. I had to switch back to 1.4.7.