View Full Version : VobSub crashing etc when ripping subs

5th February 2002, 19:46
The new versions give me an error for like 50% of the DVDs I try to rip now. I ripped the subtitles for one DVD like a year ago with an older version just fine, but now in the middle of it, it crashes and says "Run a DLL as an App" has crashed, sometimes that happens right at the beginning for other DVDs. And some DVDs stop somewhere in the middle and say some long error like the stream may be corrupt or truncated or something; I don't remember the exact error.

Could it be because I am using WinXP now and I was using Win2k before? Does anyone else get these errors? Some DVDs do still rip fine though, but the ones that don't work don't work every time, so I have to use SubRip to rip them to .srt which I don't like as much because it usually messes them up a little.

EDIT: Am I supposed to be ripping the subtitles straight off the DVD? I have always done it from the files SmartRipped to my hard drive, but I am trying it straight off the DVD now to see if that fixes it..

EDIT 2: Hmm it seems to have worked straight off the DVD, strange. I wonder if they will be in synch..