View Full Version : unseen conflict somehow...EVERYTHING was fine..just great..until i came home

5th February 2002, 10:49
o fuc....i cant figure out how to delete this post sorry..but i want to share my problem

fuc people if you read this before this sorry for the long reading :-)...anyways im following cart's capture guide ...ive read it once now im reading it agian to see what it says about framerate...this has been my problem the entire fuc'n time...didnt realize it..i just left it as default (15.02 or something like that)...didnt realize to bump it up. That has been the problem the entire time..im wacked.

p.s. cart told me to defrag my hdd...at first i thought this didnt matter but it fuc'n does...ALOT..atleast for me. ive just formatted 2 new hdds and got fragmented files pretty quick...after re-defrag i seem to capture even better.

anyways..thanks and follow cart's way...works well