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5th February 2002, 08:34
why did the Vmagic not work whith Ifoedit in the German Computer Magazin c`t is a Guide to make Copys from DVD`s.


Can you explain this Derrow ?



5th February 2002, 15:28
Cause it's the same problem like with CCE and Tmpg.

If the produced m2v file, doesn't contain the same GOP structure like the original, the remux with IfoEdit wont work quite well.

So you have to wait, until I've got this general muxing of streams ready, then it will work.

7th February 2002, 18:47
But according to the producers it DOES KEEP the GOP structure. Anybody here with experience if this is true or not ?

25th January 2003, 11:46
Last week i got a Vidac VMacic Movie +Plugin and spend a lot of time to find out a way to transcode DVDs.

So i will tell here and hope somebody can tell me if he know a better way:

1. Using Smart Ripper with Stream Processing to get a M2V and a AC3 file.
2. In IfoEdit 0.95 select the IFO file for the movie and save the celltimes to a file.
3. Load the M2V file to the Transcoder and select the following options:
- Qualitätsstufe: DVD Instant
- Max Dateigröße: 4200
- Quality: 2 & 2
- Seitenverhältnis: 16:9 625 line
- Q-Reg: Int. Q & Q. V.
- Dynamic: Dyn
- Mehree Durchl.: Durchl.:2, Nutze Infos & 1 CD
(I have no idea what i must do when i want only a one pass transcoding to get a correct file size and i found nothing to make a video only destinaton file.)
This works now a few hours with 33 fps...
4. The result mpg file i demux with XMuxer to get a M2V file.
5. With the autoring function in IfoEdit i select the M2V, AC3 and CellTimes.txt to make a new VIDEO_TS folder.

The other way, when i copy the VOB files with Smart Ripper, transcode this files and Re-Mux the transcoded M2V file with IfoEdit, will not work. The output will not pay with PowerDVD, i got only still images. But 2x fast forward search works...

Comments for make this procedure better are welcome.