View Full Version : Avg. Frame Rate in Vdub on PCTV Pro

5th February 2002, 03:41
After swapping out my sound card for a ISA one, and STILL having dropped frames I realized what the actual problem may be (causing me to lose a frame every 10 seconds or so) - the frame rate coming from my PCTV seems to drop lower then what I set it at. No matter WHAT I set it at.

Is there some setting I'm screwing up or is this a normal thing? (And to what decimal should it 'settle' - say on a 29.97 capture) One thing is when I do a compatibility mode capture, the frame rate settles on 30fps and stays there after a few seconds. It also semi-stabilizes when I turn of 'adjust audio timing to match video'. (Actually, it pretty much stays what its set at).

I'm just trying to isolate this problem so I can do the captures without all of these drops - and I'm troubled that the ISA card is giving me the same issue that the PCI one is (after I saw a few posts suggesting just getting an ISA sound card and it will stop).

BTW, here is my setup:

Celeron 800
512mb RAM
40gb HDD w/DMA (~16MB sec)
ALS4000 Sound

And, these tests were all made using 80x60 format video (avg EXTREMELY small, so I know the frame drops are from syncing somehow).