View Full Version : Configuring Avisynth for MT for Xvid encoding

7th February 2011, 16:09
I have an AMD 64 X2 cpu. I'd like to use multithreading in Avisynth to use both cores of my CPU when I'm encoding Xvid in MeGUI. How can I set this up so I can get quick fps encodes by using Avisynth? At the moment, my encodes (most of which have to be deinterlaced) average around 10-12fps. For an average 1 hour show that takes at least 1.5 hours per pass (2 pass encode).

9th February 2011, 13:47
Multithreading in AVIsynth is only going to speed up what avisynth is doing, not what MeGui or or the XVid codec is doing. So the question is, what are you currently using AVIsynth to do in your encodes? What script are you using?

If the answer to those questions is "nothing" and "none", then the question becomes: what are you doing by other means, that might be better/quicker done in AVIsynth?

9th February 2011, 14:46
He probably meant speeding up Avisynth's filtering since he asked about the same question in another thread that he created. Well using MT in Avisynth would be the way to go IMHO. There are versions of Xvid that are MultiThreaded, but if you are doing any serious filtering via Avisynth you wont get any speed improvment with Xvid.