View Full Version : Is there a way to mute certain parts of a video using VirtualDub or VDubMod?

4th February 2011, 00:42
Is there a filter or plugin that allows you to do this using VDub or VdubMod?

Thanks in advance.

19th February 2011, 14:39
If you mean blacken out certain parts of the video, blank it out, for a periodic amount of time you can use the the "fill" plugin built into Vdub.

Select the fill plugin, select desired fill color and then click on the blend button before exiting the filter dialog.

Now go into the "view" menu and then select the curve editor.

Get to the point in the video where you would like to apply the fill, before the mute point then go into the curve editor graph and shift+click to enable the yellow line, make 2 points on the yellow line right before your mute point, move the last created point upward to raise the yellow line all the way up on the graph to bring the fill color to full opacity. When you get to section of the video you would like to unmute, add 2 points to the line again, move the last created point downward to lower the yellow line back down in the graph.

When the yellow line is down, the filter is invisible to your video, when it is raised all the way up, the filter will show total blackness, white or whatever color you had set for the fill, 100%

You could also use this same curve editing method using the "logo" plugin, using a solid colored image instead.

20th February 2011, 08:39
... or simply use the Levels filter to reduce brightness to zero on the unwanted parts.

However, I took 'mute' to mean the OP wanted to silence the audio in certain parts (otherwise I would have answered long ago). That cannot be done using the curve editor.