View Full Version : About DVD-RW Drive (A03)

5th February 2002, 00:21
I recently have bought a Pioneer A03 DVD-R/RW Drive. I know that it can only write on a 4.3GB DVD-R or RW.
I was wondering if there is any other Drive which can write onto DVD-9(ie 9GB and above)
The reason being if i want to copy any dvds that are more than 4.3Gb in size, then I will need to do various activities before reducing it's size into 4.3GB. I was thinking if I can have a drive that can write onto a DVD-9 disk then there is no need for reducing it's size.
If anyone know anything about this?
Or is there a possibility of getting a firmware for this drive to enable it for dvd-9?
Pls let me know. Thanks.