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31st December 2010, 09:05
Everytime I open multiAVCHD 4.1. A window pop up box say "AVSinfo.exe has stopped working".

I am using window 7 64-bit. Is there a way to fix it or anyone have the same problems. I am trying to use multiAVCHD to edit a bluray.

Also if I use multiAVCHD to edit blu-ray disc. Does the video losses any quality? or it stay original?

3rd January 2011, 23:22

You'd probably get more/better responses by posting in this other Doom9 sub-forum:


9th May 2012, 02:20
Hi, first post in a long time. Updated to 4.1 and running Win 7 64 bit.
A window pop up box says "AVSinfo.exe has stopped working".
looked for answer in forums and tried compatibility with Win 7. Still can't get it going. Any ideas anyone??

9th May 2012, 02:42
As far as I recall, this is caused by ffdshow blocking avsinfo. You'll have to go to "ffdshow video decoder configuration" -> "DirectShow Control" -> "Use ffdshow only in:" and add avsinfo.exe. Alternatively, disable that feature.

9th May 2012, 13:12
Thank you for the reply. I'll take a look at that.

3rd November 2012, 00:18
You need to install Avisynth, then this error disappears.