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22nd December 2010, 20:21
I've used the "Alternate Movie-Only Output" on occasion where I would rather set the CRF and create a MKV file and have it be a bit larger to preserve the quality rather then save space. I play these on a media player. I was looking for the Quality to dictate the size rather than the other way around. It seemed like the perfect option until I discovered this method converts DTS to AC3 Dolby 5.1. I've tried adding another section and entry in the alternate.txt file and played with the settings like bitrate, but there doesn't seem to be any way to get DTS to passthrough here. I tried increasing the Abitrate to 1536 thinking this was the bitrate for DTS but the audio encode just failed then (message about aften, sorry I didn't capture it).

Under the main setup I have all the options checked that indicate I don't want to convert DTS or AC2 and to keep HD Audio. It works fine when not using "Alternate Movie-Only Output". DTS or DTS HD is kept.

When it starts out it indicates that DTS won't be converted but when the MKV file has been created it's only DD 5.1.

- MOVIE-ONLY mode enabled
- Quality: High Quality (Default), CRF
- Audio Settings: AC3=0 DTS=0 HD=1 Kbs=640

Still new to this program so maybe I've missed something obvious. Great program though.

23rd December 2010, 02:39
Well it doesn't exactly "lose it" -- if you look at the profiles for MKV output you'll see that they all say either "AC3" or "DD5.1" -- indicating the audio format to be used. If you read the section describing the entries in the ALTERNATE.TXT file you will see that there currently is no DTS output option. I plan to add an option to keep existing audio -- but it is not currently implemented.

Alternate output does not follow settings designed for BD backup -- its settings are dictated by the profiles in ALTERNATE.TXT. Here is the description text from ALTERNATE.TXT. Note what audio types are currently supported:

# The options below show up in the Alternate Output Dialog
# Settings:
# caption=Text to show on alternate selection list
# vBitrate=Bitrate to use for two-pass video encoding, * = variable (DVD only)
# aBitrate=Bitrate to use for audio encoding, * = variable (DVD only)
# aType=Output Audio Type, 0=AC3, 1=AAC (Note: AC3 audio bitrate less than 384Kbs implies DD 2.0)
# vFormat=Video Format: 0=320x240/180, 1= 480x360/270, 2= 640x480/360, 3= 1024x768/576,
# 3= 1024x768/576, 4= 1280x720, 5= 1920x1080, 6= 720x480/576
# cType= Container/limits type, 0=MP4 (iPod), 1=MKV, 2=MP4 (iPad), 3=DVD-5, 4=DVD-9

Give me some time to implement it and you'll see "keep original audio" as an audio type.

23rd December 2010, 19:34
Looking forward to that option. Thanks