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4th December 2010, 19:13
Hello everyone,
I've got quite an unusual task to accomplish:

basically I've got two sources to merge -
VIDEO: a handul of frames in jpg form
AUDIO: some mp3 files

Also, I've got a text file, which I can easily modify/format according to my needs, which specifies when a given mp3 file should be played. For example:
00:00:00.00 first.mp3
00:00:25.10 second.mp3
00:01:03.22 third.mp3
... and so on

I wonder if there's some command line tool that will take something like this as input, and output an avi or mpeg stream, without the need of manually assemble everything using some NLE program like Premiere or Final Cut.

Any hints?
Thanks in advance,


5th December 2010, 00:11
I would have thought Avisynth could handle that with ImageSource, NicAudio and the function to combine both (sorry, haven't got a reference in front of me!) ...


5th December 2010, 09:19
Thanks, I will try to state my question on the AviSynth specific forum :)