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14th October 2010, 00:12
this is the result I want with subtitles:

as you can see, they are not "plain old" subtitles, they have positions on the video, diff colors and fonts

when extracting the individual parts of the mkv, you see that theres a huge jumble of specifications for the .ass subtitle file

As you can see, there are 36 of these "Attachment ID" files:
(what is their purpose/ when are they encoded along with the video/audio?)

So what is the way to convert this video (and the subtitles) properly?



16th October 2010, 14:19

16th October 2010, 20:51
Which rule did I break?

I've lurked this forum and roamed the internet for quite a while, and I haven't found any people with similar problems. A keyword search would net threads that do not have the same problem.
(I don't mind if someone PMs me a link or copy/pastes a solution)

Also: What are chapters and what is their function?

16th October 2010, 21:23

16th October 2010, 21:46
Which rule did I break?
Rule #6 :eek:

16th October 2010, 23:25
AFAIK Bakemonogatari is not licensed yet (outside of Japan) and fansubs are the only way to watch it. I don't speak Japanese ;(