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1st February 2002, 22:55
I finally got the stats for the ftp that we use for the files on one of the servers.. back in December we switched downloads from http to ftp, if you click on a link on the server with IP you actually get a file from ftp.doom9.org (same IP, but it's an FTP url rather than a HTTP one). This seems to work just fine for me and the server admin, and so far I haven't heard any complaints either, but since the change has happened traffic on the other server went up 50%.

So, I'm wondering... did any of you guys have any specific problems with that server.. what url do you use to access my page? what do you do when a download fails?

2nd February 2002, 01:38
When I plug ftp.doom9.org into my ftp client I can't connect, anonymous login rejected. (perhaps that's intentional) Of course I've always just clicked on the link and not used an ftp client.

I use www.doom9.net to access usually. Unless the page is having a problem then I use server2.doom9.org or server3.doom9.org.

If a download fails on your site, I try to download it holding down shift, so getright (download manager) won't be activated. If it still fails, I look for the program in google.

Dunno if this helps much, but whatever...

2nd February 2002, 13:08
the IP I mentioned is exactly server2.doom9.org. The not being able to connect via ftp is intentional.. you need to know the full access path to a file.. so if you get it via server2.doom9.org it should work (as I said.. worked for me and the admin) and you getting a download from ftp.doom9.org, but if you try to connect to the ftp you won't get a directory listing (unless you know my account;)

doom9.net and doom9.org (you can add www before that if you want.. doesn't matter) uses 3 servers in round robin atm... so you really have to ping a server to find out which one it is and if you have download problems let me know.. the traffic went down from 200 to 70gb since we switched to ftp.. and that's just a bit much