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1st February 2002, 21:47
i made som subtitles for a movie and the movie is upside down?!?? :eek: :eek: anyone knows why this is and what to do about it??

1st February 2002, 23:03
are you using vobub?

if so, in the preferences you can flip the picture.

1st February 2002, 23:10
if u mean vobsub yes i use it.... and excuze me for being newbiesh but where is preferences?? i cant find it...

2nd February 2002, 00:30
doubleclick the green arrow that will appear right of the taskbar (I think you're talking about DVobSub, not VobSub here). Or right-click and select "DirectVobSub (auto-loading version)"

2nd February 2002, 06:58
Strange, it shouldn't play upside-down anymore. What video decoder filter can you see when you open up the "green arrow" menu?

2nd February 2002, 10:56
I dont see no green arrow thingy... :( :confused: is it in subresync? because i cant open that program... it crashes saying something like:Could not find procedurestart adress ?vobsubOpenTextFile@@YAPAVCStdiofile@@VCString@@PA_N_N@Z in dll file vobsub.dll

2nd February 2002, 17:21
Are the subtiltes shown if you run your movie?

If so, then there should appear a green arrow in the system tray, subject to the condition that you have installed one of the latest vobsub releases.

2nd February 2002, 21:11
The subtitles are shown... i got the one from gordian knot pack... maybe i should download a new one...

2nd February 2002, 23:14
this will make it i think :)

3rd February 2002, 00:07
Your movie is already up side down without subtitles doesn't he? I have the same problem with some of my movies and I think that it comes from the codec that are not used correctly by XP.
But using BSplayer it rocks!!!:D

3rd February 2002, 14:02
The strange thing is it is not upside down when the subtitle files are not in the same folder as the movie...

3rd February 2002, 22:30
but your problem is solved yet, isn't it?

4th February 2002, 15:19
*sigh* Nope it isnt...:(