View Full Version : How to Determine the Exact Length (min.sec.ms) of an MPEG2 file

1st February 2002, 18:27
Again, sorry if this is a stupid question, i have searched the formums and have not found an answer :(

Im trying to find a way to determine the EXACT length of my mpeg segments to the tenths of seconds. This way i can get the timeline adjusted correctly for my split SubRip output files.

Can anyone offer a solution for getting this information? Everything i've loaded so far only shows me "hours:minutes:seconds" and not "hours:minutes:seconds:milliseconds".

Thanks in advance! :)


1st February 2002, 19:55
Well, I figured I could create a DVD2AVI project file using one of my movie chunks as input, and use avisynth to load it into VirtualDub and see the exact length that way. Obviously that works, but there HAS to be an easier way :)

Hopefully something will come up.