View Full Version : Scenarist MUI Generator: invalid timing info(DTS of 188th AU is not greater than DTS"

20th August 2010, 23:29
I get the following error when importing a 264 clip in MUI generator.

"invalid timing info(DTS of 12th AU is not greater than DTS of previous AU"

From what I gather, by searching here and google is that I need to edit the 264 header information. I think maybe turning of a pulldown flag.

The question is, I have no clue how to do that and I haven't been able to find any information on how to actually do it.

Some information on my project.

It's a Blu-ray compliation disc that I'm building for Home Theater Demonstration in my theater. I've taken short clips of movies from my collection (mostly 3 to 5 minute clips) and I'm authoring a menu so that all of these clips can be accessed from one disc, complete with untouched video and DTSHD/TrueHD tracks.

I've used TSmuxer to trim the clips into M2TS files, from there I used TSmuxer to demux the MSTS files.

I have several files reporting this error when running it through MUI generator.

Any information would be appreciated.


20th August 2010, 23:34
Don't use TsMuxer for demuxing to 264 files, because it will change their SPS/HRD data, and create it to fail with MUI Generator/Scenarist, basically make it BD incompatible. Use eac3to instead.

20th August 2010, 23:44
Thanks for the fast response.

Do you think it's OK to use TSMuxer for trimming the movie into M2TS clips?

The reason I ask is because I used Eac3to demux after I got this error and it still resulted in the same problem in MUI generator. I only tried it on one clip. As of now I have about 6 clips (of the 20 i've tested) that are giving me this problem. I will try them all with Eac3to.

If that doesn't work, any other suggestions?

I have burned all the M2TS clips onto a test disc (45gigs worth) with MultiAVCHD. Perhaps re-ripping them from there might bring back BD compliancy?

Thanks again.

20th August 2010, 23:55
Do you think it's OK to use TSMuxer for trimming the movie into M2TS clips?Well there is problem with TSMuxer, because always patch original stream, with some constant settings that can't always match. This make completely mess in stream. You can try to turn off these ("Add picture timing info" and "continually insert SPS/PPS") settings in tsmuxer, when trim or demux (prefer eac3to for demux)

21st August 2010, 00:31
So you think my M2TS clips that I've already trimmed down using TSmuxer are garbage? No way to repair that information? Any easy method of re-encoding? I can research whatever it is I need to do. Just not sure what the best approach is. Perhaps I should just go back to the source disk, but I don't think eac3to has a trimming option, at least not the GUI I was using does. I need something with the ability to trim a 3 to 5 minute section out of a full feature movie.

21st August 2010, 12:05
So you think my M2TS clips that I've already trimmed down using TSmuxer are garbage?Yes. and there is no back, you need to do again but now with that two options disabled. And after trim use eac3to to demux to raw streams.

21st August 2010, 18:57
Understood Shoni, thanks for your help.

Let me ask another question, one that is unrelated to this problem.

A few clips on my demonstration disc are from the movie Avatar, when I attempt to import those clips into MUI generator I get the following error

"Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt."

From what I recall Avatar may have had different encryption so perhaps that's the problem, or maybe this stems from the same TSmuxer problem.

21st August 2010, 19:18
Looks to me like that stream not propertly decrypted.

23rd August 2010, 03:39
In the MUI generator, try turning off the 'Check for Spec Compliance' (or whatever it says) check box at the bottom. That will sometimes get past certain errors and allow the clip to be used...