View Full Version : ffdshow dtsma in mkv core bitsream issue

15th August 2010, 08:03
FFDShow fails to correctly identify DTS-HD MA in an mkv and it detects 48000Hz 5.1 dts-ma as 96000Hz 7.1. This ends up in a failed bitstream on these files. What can I do to make sure ffdshow correctly identifies and bitstreams the core of the dts-hd ma file to my reciever through s/pdif. All other s/pdif formats supported by reciver bitstream properly with ffdshow.

I'm running the latest build of MPC-HC from the MPC-HC thread, latest release for ffdshow which was compiled in late July I believe, and CoreAVC.

17th August 2010, 18:50
Anyone? :o

17th August 2010, 18:55
Anyone what?

Your original post does not ask any question.

17th August 2010, 19:16
Oh sorry :o. my mistake I never asked the question :o. Original post updated!