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1st February 2002, 12:16

Ok , I finalyy got my WinTV DVB-t. After some rebooting testing different drivers etc I got it to work.

Just some info on the capture:

The sounds is often in "MPEG AUDIO" but can also be in and WILL be more and more AC3. The MPEG-2 stream is directly streamed to the disk @ about 4-6 mbit/s. The res is 720*576 and it can be opened in DVD2AVI and then perhaps GordianKnot.

This thinmg works great, now I just have to figure out my deinterlacing properties...

Regards, Olle

Pojken Purken
1st February 2002, 23:22
Great. I have a WinTV DVB-s coming next week and my excpectations are high. About AC3, does the card handle that? AC3 isn't part av the DVB-standard.


2nd February 2002, 01:03
If you want ac3 sound you need WinDVBlive from http://www.odsoft.org .
As far as I know it's the only DVB software that can handle ac3, the standard software supplied with the DVB card cannot.


24th February 2002, 22:24
Hey. I was just wondering what kind of Digital-TV you got.

I want something like the one you got. But I don't use a sat dish. I have cable. So I am looking for options.

Pojken Purken
25th February 2002, 01:18
Technotrend has threee different cards:

DVB-s for satellite
DVB-t for terrestrial
DVB-c for cable

Don't know if Hauppague OEMs all versions though but the same cards are also made by Siemens, Technisat and Galaxis so look at those for alternatives.


25th February 2002, 11:18

If anybody know where I might find, and purchase this solution
for digital cable. I'd be most greatful.

25th February 2002, 14:31
bought mine here: www.satland.de (if you speak german)

technotrend dvb-c

25th February 2002, 15:52
Well I don't, but I'll try to guess what they are saying ;)

A question to all of you, do any of you know if the card works in Sweden? (I'd just like to make sure before I waste money)

And Zh, what do you think about the quality?

26th February 2002, 06:32
I have cable, too, so I'd love to know if DVB is available via cable yet everywhere in Germany, or if it depends on where you live.


26th February 2002, 19:00
i think you will get at least:

- ard/zdf pakete (ard,zdf,dritte,doku,info,3sat,arte und son kram)
- Premiere World
- einen haufen ausländischer verschlüsselter sender

all other (sat1,rtl,pro7...) may be different from region to region.
here is a list of tv-stations (analog/digital) for all regions:
www.kabelnetz.de (service->frequenzen)

but i think pw is enough.

27th February 2002, 07:09
:) :) :)
Thank you very much! I think I will look for a DVB-C now...