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4th July 2010, 00:58
Hi, for the life of me I can't work out how to renumber Titlesets. I have done it before but it has been just a fluke. So frustating but I'd like to know once and for all.

It may be difficult to explain so I have included an example that I am working with. I go to delete the LAST VTS and the message tells me that I there are higher Titles, etc, etc.

I want to end up with only the 31 chapters title.

VTST 1 , 1 TTN 1 (0:00) Title 11 - Chapters: 1
VTST 2 , 1 TTN 1 (0:00) Title 10 - Chapters: 1
VTST 3 , 1 TTN 1 (0:01) Title 5 - Chapters: 2
VTST 4 , 1 TTN 1 (0:00) Title 7 - Chapters: 1
VTST 5 , 1 TTN 1 (1:53:34) Title 1 - Chapters: 31
VTST 6 , 1 TTN 1 (0:00) Title 9 - Chapters: 1
VTST 6 , 2 TTN 2 (0:00) Title 2 - Chapters: 1
VTST 7 , 1 TTN 1 (0:01) Title 3 - Chapters: 2
VTST 7 , 2 TTN 2 (0:01) Title 4 - Chapters: 2
VTST 8 , 1 TTN 1 (0:01) Title 6 - Chapters: 2

I sure hope that someone can simplify the proceedure please.

4th July 2010, 10:14
In PgcEdit: Title --> Remap title numbers. You will need to delete all references to the other titles and ensure they return to the menu.


8th July 2010, 13:20
You can't delete, only move up or move down, or to top, to bottom. When I try this the titles go all out of any semblence of order that I can't follow.

9th July 2010, 09:27
To delete a title, it must be at the end of the list. (PgcEdit cannot delete a title if it is followed by other titles, as that would create a gap in the title numbers, and that's illegal.) So, to delete a titleset, you should call Remap Title Numbers, be sure to select all titles numbers of the titleset, and move them to the end of the list. Then, use Remap Titlesets to move the whole titleset to the end of the DVD. (You can skip this step as the VTS you want to remove is already at the end of the DVD.) Finally, you can use Delete Last VTS in DVD to remove it. But remember that YOU MUST BE SURE THAT THE TITLESET IS NOT CALLED AT ALL or the navigation will be broken. So, IMO, that's not the easiest method.

The best way to detele a whole titleset is to modify the VMG commands that call it so that it is not called any more. Use Info -> Jumps from VMG to current VTS (Control-Q) to find out what commands you have to modify. (Take care however. Usually, it is not recommended to simply delete the original command, as skipping the commands of the now-uncalled VTS can have bad effects on the global navigation. You should normally replace the jump by the commands that would be executed if it was left in place. That might be easy or difficult, depending of the original authoring. See the note at the end of this post.) Then, when the titleset is not called any more, use DVD -> Delete Uncalled Titleset to remove it. (That procedure renumbers the uncalled titles and VTSs automatically so that you don't have to use Remap Title Numbers and Remap Titlesets yourself, then it removes the useless VTSs.)

If you think it is too difficult to modify the VM commands manually, select a title of the VTST and use Domain -> Blank Out All PGCs of Domain. This will replace the video content of the whole VTST domain with a single tiny black cell, and ensure that it will not be played any more. (If the VTS has non-dummy menus as well, then select a VTSM menu PGC and repeat that procedure to get rid of the video content of the menu.) After that operation, the titleset doesn't consume disc space and will not be played any more, but it will still be briefly called, so you cannot completely remove it. (If you want, you can also renumber the title numbers of the VTS and push them to the end of the list, so that they will have the highest title numbers of the DVD.)

Note: I have written a plugin to automatically change the navigation commands to make a specific PGC (or all PGCs of a specific domain) uncalled. Unfortunately, that plugin doesn't work well in some cases, so I have not released it publicly yet. Maybe in some time it will be trivial to completely get rid of a PGC or a VTS with PgcEdit. But taking care of all possible cases in a simple macro is a real nightmare, so don't expect that soon...