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31st January 2002, 09:09
I've been trying to convert a video to pal(25 fps) format and have been having the darnedest time getting the audio to make the switch. I've been trying to use the cooledit(audio editing softwar) shareware to try to change the tempo of the audio so that it will shorten the length of the audio so that it stays in synch with the higher frame rate video, but none of the "stretch" features in the proggy seem to do the trick. I'm thinking that my problem is just I don't have the right software to do what I'm trying to do.....

any help would be apreciated....

31st January 2002, 10:24
um, that's the 1st time i ever heard somebody "converting audio from ntsc to pal" :)
as far as i know when you convert to pal and increase fps you have to incert extra frames into your movie so total running time will remain the same.
you don't need to speed up audio..:rolleyes:

31st January 2002, 22:44
usually audio + video is speeded up for pal. thats why pal movies are shorter then the ntsc version.

what is the exact problem when using cool edit ? just use stretch/constant stretch function and enter the new lenght of the movie. that works for me.

1st February 2002, 02:44
Besweet can do this wiht the -ota() section, download it from doom and check out the help files.