View Full Version : How Does DVD2SVCD Handle Subtitles

30th January 2002, 17:25
Im wondering if anyone can give a simple walkthrough of how I would manually convert subs in the same fashion that DVD2SVCD does it. I have had very good luck with CVD selectable subs using DVD2SVCD, but im in a pinch where i need to do a manual encode, and would still like to get the nice Chapter/Sub support that DVD2SVCD makes so easy!

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but this stuff seems a little intimidating at first :)

My goal is for multiple selectable subtitles in CVD format, using submux to add the subs.

Thanks for any help!


31st January 2002, 00:30
do an encode in DVD2SVCD, it'll show you the commandline to mux subs (or just type submux /? ).

Bitmat subtitles for SubMux can be obtained in SubRip (I think, never tried it...)

And for chapters.... Again, do do DVD2SVCD project and get the XML file for SVCD muxer... You'll see the chapter times in it - edit the file and you're ready to go.

Unfortunately, it IS a bit complicated, but it you're not scared of command line I think you can do it. Post any problems here.

1st February 2002, 00:05
The DVD that i ripped from has English, Chinese, and Vietnamese subtitles, however DVD2SVCD only ripped chinese subtitles. As i used show next to show the next subtitles, it crashed. What did i do wrong?

1st February 2002, 18:30
Well i've figured out how to use SubRip to get the Bitmaps/Phillips format config file for the subtitles. It was pretty straightforward. Im now working on how to calculate the exact time offsets for the split output files.

Anyway, does anyone know if using SubRip will produce the same "tranparent" subtitles in the same fashion as dvd2svcd? Is there a manual setting i need to use to achieve this? Or should it be ok by default.

Thanks again!