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27th April 2010, 00:47
Ok so I got the BD of Avatar and they use the papyrus for the Nav'i language English translations. Is there a way to preserve the normal font that is used (Arial I'm guessing) in italics and normal type and the papyrus font in a .ass file somehow? SupRip only does .srt files so I was wondering how to basically extract the subtitles "as-is" but in text format with the font variations and italics/normal variations in a .ass type file. I really don't want to do bdsuptosub and get an .idx/.sub file since I'm really a fan of text-based subs and for this movie I was wondering if there was a way to preserve the fonts and such.

27th April 2010, 22:15
Any help please :(

27th April 2010, 22:48
You need to define to different styles in your ASS file, for instance by using Aegisub.