View Full Version : Joining multiple .mkv files?

24th April 2010, 18:45
I am using MKVMerge for this, but it doesn't always works. And I know why, but I do not know how to do it.
I've heard that resolution, framerate and other things has to be the same for all of the .mkv files, but I do not know how to reencode them with the same settings.

I know how to change the resolution with MKVMerge + AviSynth, format profile (High@L5.1, for example), but I do not know how to use encoding settings from one video to another, and how to change ReFrames.
I can see all of this with MediaInfo, but I do not know how to include them.

Also, what do you think, what is better? To change the resolution of an episode which has lower resolution than opening and ending theme (both themes are the same resolution), or to add the black bars to that episode, so it could fit it all right?

Thank you in advance!

24th April 2010, 21:20
Gotta ask, where did you get the MKV files? Explain in a PM to me to get your thread re-opened.