View Full Version : What programs (if any) are necessary to view optional subs (made with VobSub)......?

30th January 2002, 00:29
I'm considering leaving the subs as the separtate files instead of burning them into the .avi. The only question I have is, since I lend out my rips to my friends, what programs would they have to have installed on their computer in order to have access to the subs while viewing? Would they need anything besides VobSub installed on their PC? If not, I could just include the VobSub installer on the disc along with the subtitle files and the .avi, correct?

Thanks in advance,


30th January 2002, 00:35
You only need the latest vobsub and the subtitle files must have the SAME name as the avi ...


30th January 2002, 07:16
As Moonwalker says or:
movie.avi & movie.English.sub, movie.Spanish.sub, movie.Commentary.sub etc.