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9th March 2010, 05:31
I have a screen capture source providing 24 1600x1200 bgr32 frames each second from full screen video games, and I have far from enough disk bandwidth to dump them all to disk uncompressed.

I have been trying to use huffyuv but I am not sure even that is enough disk bandwidth because I have little uniformity across the image reducing both the compression speed and the ratio.

I have tried many of the lossy codecs in the ffdshow vfw encoder package, but they only get to around 15fps also, if I add scaling to 1024x768 in the vfw configuration the speed goes up to around 22-23, but I would like to keep the original resolution.

Are there any very fast VFW encoders that I could try, or should I just scale it down and live with it?

9th March 2010, 09:09
There are various screen capture codecs available that exist for just this purpose - like FRAPS.

You could also use something like x264 in constant QP mode and ultra-fast settings. Of course, this implies converting to YV12, which you may very well not be happy with :)

Try Lagarith or FFV1 (both with multithreading enabled), or just toss in the towel and buy a couple fast SATA drives, and set yourself up a nice, happy, RAID 0! :devil:

There are probably also other options that are eluding my cloudy mind at the moment!!


9th March 2010, 22:54
The FRAPS encoder is only in the main application, the vfw version is just the decoder (I'm sure you know that Blue_MiSfit, just saying because Zanthra asked for a vfw codec ;) ).
And yeah, FRAPS gets the job done good, but the (minor but noticable) performance hit could have an impact on the gameplay.

Have you tried the UT Video Codec? There's a thread in the same forum over here (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=143624) (latest version is on the last page, 7.0.4). It's really fast on multicore systems and the compression is comparable to huffyuv if not better. A 1600x1200 rgb32 24p stream goes up to 50-70 Mbytes/s, a modern SATA hard drive should be able to handle that.

(I assume you are recording with a different system than your gaming rig. If not, FRAPS is really one of the best without using too much resources on the same system.)

22nd March 2010, 17:04
MJPEG shall be ok (from FPS point of view but far from perfect due sharp nature of the source)