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8th March 2010, 04:35
(YMC - Yatta Metrics Collector)

Well I am working on some ideas for building up my Find30fps script (hoping to learn and port to C++ perhaps) so that I can remove Yatta from the equation, more for simplicities sake. The biggest problem is having to modify the yatta project file and then wait 3 minutes or more for yatta to open it, and then save the needed override files. When working with tons of files in a batch it is fair to say this is more than an annoyance.

So, I was hoping someone might be familiar with how Yatta Metrics Collector actually generates its match statistics. Obviously TFM easily enough can output stats to a file, but I prefer to use Telecide for my own reasons, and I would like to potentially supporting using both so the user has a choice.

I can't recall ever coming across anything in the Decomb docs that mention Telecide being able to write out to a stats file, but if I'm wrong it would be great for someone to correct me.

Otherwise, I am trying to figure out just how YMC is doing it and getting the stats. The only way I can think of would be to use DebugView ? BUt is that even possible in the way I am thinking of? I am unfamiliar with debugview, but it seems to me like its the kind of app you have to open and run, and look at yourself, etc.. Perhaps I'm wrong and there is something akin to a CLI like DGindex CLI..

Its safe to say I am feeling a bit out of my element here, but I would like to figure this out if possible.. I would like to aim for an overall goal of making a painless utility to do VFR Anime, in a much less intense & contrived manual effort, and instead try to do something more user-friendly / oriented.

If anyone can share any helpful thoughts or info I'd appreciate it... And while I'm asking stuff, could Telecide be modified to output a stats file? Would that be "too much" work?

8th March 2010, 10:55
I was afraid of that.. I think I'm going to rip my hair out now :thanks:

edit: Let me try to clarify my follow up..

Is there some place out there, where I can find out more about how its catching the Debug outputs, and what that process entails? Just looking at Delphi code doesn't help me much as its greek to me at this point (I see something about execution hooks, but is that related to the debug output or something else?) .. Is there any sort of document that might identify the specific debug outputs or what have you, that Telecide is generating and explains what they are called, how to "catch them", etc..

Pretty much need something to point me in the right direction more or less.

edit2:I'm not talking to myself, lol.. Stephen trashed his response as per usual.