View Full Version : Subtitle on/off in DVD player

29th January 2002, 14:09
Can some one show me step by step by using Submux. I have a mpeg 2 file (SVCD), then I use subrip to rip sub. in SVCD style. Next I use Submux to mux mpeg file and .sub file. It mux no problem and the new mpeg file is bigger than the original mpeg file about 3Mb. That means the new mpeg file got subtitlein the stream. Then I use VCDeasy (have VCDImager0.7.12) burn to disc. The problem is I can not selectable subtitle when I play it on my DVD player.
My DVD player is Nintaus n9901, it support selectable subtitle on SVCD (DVD player Compatibility list on vcdhelp).
Anyone have problem with it ?
Any ideal ? Help please, thank you.